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Check out what our customers are saying about Glisan Buds

“The staff is so friendly, the prerolls are artistically made, the prices are reasonable...considering the quality you get...which is incredible. This is my favorite dispensary in Portland. I love it here and come back weekly. ”


“I came in here for the first time last month and I must say that I felt welcome there immediately. You can get many high end strains for reasonable prices, free atm and drinks and on top of that, they offer 1g joints for only one dollar if you go inside on your birthday. Probably some of the best deals I've received from any dispensary as well!”


“I went to the coast with my Sweety this past weekend. Among other smoke supplies, we took one of Glisan Buds' Love Dawg pre-roll joints with us. OHMIGAWDESS. The wife is insisting that I get another. That joint lasted two days, had beautiful berry notes the entire time, and the effect was definitely as advertised. Yeah, not sleepy, but you may need to lie down for a while.”


“I love Glisan Buds! Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they have a great selection. I recommend it to all my friends.”


“I've been going here for awhile. I have many problems and Ile has been so kind to guide me, and teach me what strains of medicine will help with each issue I have. If he ever gives you a suggestion, please take it because he hasn't let me down. He knows what he's talking about. The rest of the staff is just as awesome.”


“Truth be told this is my only local dispensary experience. But the staff has always been absolutely fantastic with me and genuinely seem to care about whatever assistance I might need. I really like these guys :)”


“Great convenient location. This is a pleasure to write this review. I am so lucky to have stopped in here. A neighborhood gem for sure. Anyone in the service industry could take a lesson from how these folks approach customer service. I am made to feel immediately welcome here. Ile Cody Dylan and Alex have become my trusted advisors as I explore my brave new world of cannabis and our new myriad of options. Every visit to Glisan Buds leaves me feeling relaxed refreshed and reenergized. I respect and admire my new friends’ dedication and knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge. Thank you for enhancing my quality of life. Proud to have y’all in our neighborhood. Consumers do yourselves a favor and make sure to shop here ASAP!”


“Great place! Small but inviting…I caught no weird vibes off these guys. They are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Customer service was top notch and good prices as well! ”


“This location is awesome!!! Really cool informative staff… They always seem so happy to see customers and they are so helpful! Glad this place is so close to home!!! Ps the buds are amazing!! And huge prerolled joints!!! Woohooo ”


“I’m a loyal repeat customer who has yet to be disappointed. I visit about once a week and every visit has been an absolute pleasure. Weather Kody, Ile, Zach or the very sweet new tender that helped me this evening ( I’m truely sorry her name escapes me). All of the Glisan buds staff are top notch. The bud tender tonight pipped the ace, she asked all the right questions and made spot on recommendation. Way to go, Kudos. And of course I received my usual happy Ras greeting from good ole Ile. No matter what I always receive awesome positive vibes when I come in and feel rejuvenated and in such a better mood on my way home.”


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