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Meet Your Budtenders


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“The first time I smoked weed was on Sept 5th 2001, it was my first day of high school, in my friend Levi’s cluttered and mold infested garage with a Junior I had met that day named Seth Green. We smoked out of a apple which I then ate to destroy the evidence when Levi’s mom came home early and opened the garage door to find her son, a strange older boy with dreadlocks and me quickly devouring a smoking apple. I've been in love ever since.

In my twenties I started performing stand up and now run a successful comedy show called Earthquake Hurricane. I have a cat named Mick and a girlfriend named Heather. Edibles are my preferred way to consume marijuana, but any port in storm will do. I think this is a pretty cool job filled with great people and a product I truly believe in.”


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“I have always been so passionate about the marijuana industry, I've been giving speeches since high school about the benefits of medical marijuana. I truly believe that we are working in a ground-breaking industry that has helped, and can help, so many people. I love being able to work in this industry as a budtender and a leader at my shop. Helping someone dull their pain, fight off anxiety, calm down an upset stomach, makes my job so rewarding when you have them come back and sincerely tell you thank you. This industry has so much to offer, and it is so much fun watching lives being changed by this plant that we were once so afraid of.”


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"Hot Diggity Dope!"


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“I care more about my customers than I think I realize. I treat every experience with anyone the same way I’d imagine being treated – with respect. I live by these seven values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage.

I began experimenting with using cannabis because of the side-effects from anti-migraine medication; I didn’t want to experience the domino effect of taking prescribed pharmaceuticals from the doctor who ensured these would balance-out the undesirable side-effects. So here I stand today offering quality customer service with a product known to be harmless, not to mention the evidence that cannabis can be beneficial for many medical cases. I have love for this plant and the people it can now help based on its increased availability in many forms.

The universe has a strange way of returning the energy you send out to it.”


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“My friends call me Viv. I’ve been an avid Disc Golf enthusiast since I was five years old, with many wonderful childhood memories of my family on the Disc Golf Course in my hometown. My favorite part of budtending is working with really amazing people, from all different walks of life! They all really love you, as long as you love them, that is the only requirement.

Helping a customer find just the right product for their needs is very rewarding, I especially enjoy when they come back and tell you how much your suggestion has helped them feel better. CBD Honey Stix are one of my favorite products, with their nice mix of happiness along with pain and anxiety relieving properties.”

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